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Do you love beer? Well, then at least there's one talking point. Do you want to be in the featured background photo on our website (look above if you really don't know what we're on about)? Send us your favorite beer related photos: your first brewery tour, your first tasting, your favorite beer, your friends, your dog... It doesn't matter! Just send us a high resolution (taken by something better than a camera phone from the early 2000s) at Every so often, we'll pick a fun and seasonal picture that one of you submits to our website! Photo credits will be displayed in the bottom right corner with the name you want, the date (month and year only), and a title or very VERY short caption. There are no deadlines, time frames, or anything else. We'll just change them as we see fit. Obviously, we don't want anything indecent, incriminating, inhumane, or in... we mean offensive. So go out there, have fun, and always remember to tag your friends!

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Become a Beer Nerd Yourself!

If you have enjoyed a beer that hasn't been rated and/or reviewed on this site and you want to submit your own clever review, please send us your work to our e-mail, and if it gets approved, we'll notify you when you can look at your masterpiece. Send us any applicable photos as well. When writing beer reviews, you have to be honest, objective, yet, witty with your words. No one wants to read a dictionary. And don't copy or paraphrase anything. A review is a review. You must actually have tried and experienced this beer before you can give it justice. And this isn't like a book review. It's hopefully something you'd enjoy. But also unlike a book review, you actually have to do the work. There are no SparkNotes or CliffNotes for taste. And there are certainly no other people who share the same tastes as you. So we'll only take what we genuinely consider to be real and in depth reviews.

Some basic guidelines; talk about the four main tasting features of the beer: Aroma (smell), Look (color, clarity, foam, cloudiness, pour, etc.), feel (heavy, smooth, light, crisp, refreshing, carbonation levels, etc.), and of course, Taste (... taste, any flavors, subtleties, hints, pronouncements, aftertastes, bitterness, sweetness, etc.). Be as objective as possible, and yes, we know this is a matter of opinion. So, if you hate witbiers for whatever reason, don't review one. Be genuine, be passionate, be honest, and most importantly, be fun. And yes, your name, the date, and anything else you want included will be included unless it's offensive for some reason... we're not the PC police, but we have to be reasonable. So no jokes about Lady Gaga being a man, because weirdly, that will offend some people.

You're a beer nerd. Be proud.

Don't see your favorite beer? Any Suggestions.

Do you want to see how your tastes compare to ours? If we don't have a particular beer posted that you fancy, you can submit us suggestions for the beer that you want us to review. Please submit your suggestions here:, and we'll notify you when we post what we think of your suggestions on our website!