We Like to Keep Track of Things

Our beer list was originally a little red book (which we still occasionally use) that we used to write down information of the beer we were drinking, including taste, serving type, venue, etc. Actually, let's rewind even further. It all started in January of 2010, when we had set course for London, England, UK for a half-year temporary move abroad. Before living Europe, beer was only a means to gain a new perspective on the weekend. Sadly, that was the way things were until it was discovered that beer can actually taste good. No longer were the choices limited to three - maybe four different kinds of bottled yellow water. Like we've said time and time again, every beer is different. Even the cheap ones. If you like traveling, why would you keep going to the same place? Same principle. If you like beer, give some new ones a chance from time to time. Turns out you may just find that your new favorite beverage can be a far cry away from human refuse.

Our Rating System

Our scale ranges between 1.00 and 5.00, rounded to the nearest hundredth. Nothing can get lower than a 1.00 and the scale is nearly logarithmic, so it is increasingly more difficult for a beer to get a score that is high as you continue up the scale, especially between 4.00 and 5.00. Simply put, the difference between 4.40 and 4.50 is much greater than the difference between 2.00 and 2.10. This way, beers that score highly are not only emphasized, they are easier to differentiate between each other as well.

Confused? Here is a simple explanation for your reference:

1.00-1.49: Not For Human Consumption - Don't bother... these beers aren't even worth being called beer. These are beverages purchased by underage consumers who spend what little money they have solely for the purpose of getting really drunk at college. Students call these beers cheap, but we think they're still expensive, because you have to use real money to purchase them... Example: AB InBev Bud Light Lime And Clamato Chelada

1.50-1.99: Macro Class - Though not as putrid as anything rated lower, these are still not beers that we would recommend to anyone. Turns out that beers in this range typically sell in huge quantities across the country and abroad, so what do we know? They're more successful brands than beverages. Example: Simonds Farsons Lacto

2.00-2.49: Adequate - These are beers that are alright to keep around the house for casual drinking, but chances are, you won't be writing home to your mom and dad about how wonderful they may be. Still, your tastes may differ, and that's not to say that some of these aren't worth trying from time to time. Example: East African Breweries Tusker Lager

2.50-2.99: Average - We're starting to get into the recommended stuff. These are beers that we would suggest based on your own personal style preferences, among other things. Overall, this range is the median for the industry when considering all styles, types, and specimens, and it's where good beers are separated from the bad ones. Example: Greens Endeavor Dubbel Ale

3.00-3.49: Good - These are very good beers that we would recommend to almost anyone. Unless you are really not into a particular style, it's safe to assume you'll at least fully enjoy any beer that falls within this range. These are beers that are true to their style, made with premium ingredients, and taste great. Example: Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

3.50-3.99: Excellent - These beers are exceptional. If you get the opportunity to try one of these, please treat yourself. These beers are appropriate for the season, made with the best ingredients, typically brewed in small batches, make great pairing options, and usually offer complex, well balanced, thorough, but not overpowering profiles. Example: Allagash Old HLT

4.00-4.49: Superior - Beers rated in this category are universally acclaimed. Though most likely on the rare, expensive, or exclusive end, these are great beers for those occasions when you won't settle for anything substandard. Brewed to perfection by the best that the industry has to offer, take these beers seriously. Example: Troegs Mad Elf 2011

4.50-5.00: World Class - When you instantly know something is the best of whatever you've ever had, it belongs in this range. Don't try these beers standing up because your knees will buckle. The highest standard of the art of brewing, beers in this range are extremely coveted, hard to find, and prove that craft brewing is both a science and an art. Example: None Yet

The List

Because we are lazy and didn't feel like typing all of the information into an HTML table, we let Excel do it for us. To view the sheet, click HERE.
(Last Updated 5-08-19)

Number of Rated Beers as of Last Update: 1998